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Arrowhead Park

Address: 720 Arnold Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412

4. Arrowhead Park

Off of Carolina Beach Rd and River Road in the Silver Lake area is Arrowhead Park, which is one of the “go-to” parks if you are looking for Disc Golf. There are large open fields, a small playground, a covered picnic area, in addition to a basketball and tennis court. Overall, the park is geared towards older kids and it doesn’t have any paved trails for walking. (Yes, I walked around the parking lot while pushing my baby in the stroller. Haha!) The open fields would be ideal to let your dogs run free; however, there is not an enclosed “dog park” area.

The park also has a fenced in sand pit with a sign explaining a game I’ve never heard of before – “Gaga Ball”. You need to bring a ball that bounces in order to play.

Keep in mind the park is mainly in the sun with little shade unless you follow the disc golf course, which is in the woods. Make sure to bring sunscreen!

  • Parking: There is a large parking lot that can accommodate a large number of cars
  • Restrooms: Available at the picnic shelter
  • Stroller Friendly: yes, but not much of a walking area other than the parking lot

If you have small kids and live near the park, it would be a great place for a picnic; however, if you live on the opposite side of town, I personally wouldn’t waste the drive.

If disc golf is your jam, I think this would be a great spot. If it isn’t, I’d personally choose another park to venture to.

Best, Amanda

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