Hospital Bag Checklist

My first bit of advice is to go ahead and get your bag ready because you never know when you will go into labor. Never! So, even if you are 30 weeks, go ahead and pack your bag. Our baby girl came 4 weeks early and I thankfully had the bags packed. Below you’ll find the must have list for your hospital bag.

For You Mama

  1. Socks – Girl, I kid you not, I wore socks while in labor! haha! My feet are always freezing and hospitals are always so cold, so it was nice for my feet to be warm. To give your doctor a good laugh, why not wear a pair like these from Amazon? (Amazon~$12)

2. Hair Ties – Get your favorite hair ties or bobby pins if you have short hair.

3. Toiletries – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hair Comb or Brush, Deodorant, any must have face creams, lotion, etc.

4. Bath Towel + Wash Cloth – The hospital did have towels and washcloths, but they were scratchy and small. This was something a girlfriend of mine told me to pack and I am glad I listened because a soft towel that only had touched my body was a nice feeling after my first shower.

5. Flip Flops (for the shower) – I’m not totally freaked out by germs, but I felt better hoping in the shower with my flip flops on. Another tip from a friend. Thanks girl!

6. Hair Dryer – Alright, I’m not all about getting “dolled” up in the first place, but when they took Brooke to get her first bath, I was taking full advantage of the down time and jumped in the shower myself. When I got out, I was so thankful that I was able to dry my hair. They do not have hair dryers at the hospital, so pack one. You will feel somewhat normal once you dry your hair before you jump back into your PJs. šŸ˜‰

7. Dark PJ’s – These are essential. After you deliver, you will more than likely be moved from Labor & Delivery to the Mother/Baby hall. Once you get settled in your room, the nurses will allow you to get out of your trendy hospital gown and into actual clothes. This PJ set was hands down one of the best purchases I made. The buttons allowed easy access for constant breastfeeding, it was comfy to lounge around in and the dark color was nice because you’ll be sporting a HUGE pad and will be bleeding. Just in case you get any blood on it, the dark color will hide it. (Amazon~$40)

8. Slippers – I didn’t want to be barefoot in the bathroom or put on actual shoes to do my “daily exercise” (the nurses ask you to walk the halls if you are able to). So, I am happy I packed my fuzzy slippers. I got mine from Costco, but these on Amazon are very similar. (Amazon~$20)

9. Nursing Bra(s) – I listed this on the “Postpartum list” as well, but I recommend packing at least one. (Amazon~$30 for 3 pack)

10. Going Home Outfit – Realistically, you will be about the same size you were 2-3 months pregnant, so don’t pack those pre-pregnancy jeans and a fitted top. I wore home maternity tights and a loose maternity shirt.

11. Granny Panties – The hospital will give you net panties (one size fits all sista), so I recommend bringing some ol’ granny panties, at least 2 pairs. They will just make you feel comfortable, but not a must have. (I rocked those net panties for 2 days y’all).

12. Cell Phone Chargers + Camera/batteries – That youngin’ is going to be photographed no less than 100 times. So, come prepared.

For Baby

13. Going Home Outfit – Pack a Premie and a Newborn outfit. I only had a newborn outfit packed and my poor child was swallowed in it. I also recommend not spending lots of money on this outfit as its only worn for a short amount of time.

14. Carseat – You will need this to of course leave the hospital in, but also for the “Car Seat test”. Go ahead and have the base installed in the car.

Optional, but nice to pack too

14. Snacks – So the hospital only gives you breakfast, lunch and dinner and breastfeeding turns you into the hungry hippo, so girl pack all the snacks. You will thank me when you (and your spouse) are up at 2 AM and starving. Mother/baby won’t allow visitors to leave and return during these hours and you guessed it, the cafe will be closed.

15. Gatorade – I was chugging lots of water, but it was nice to have something else to drink, but keep me hydrated.

16. Power strip – Those hospital rooms usually have 1 outlet that isn’t 10 foot up on the wall, so packing a power strip will allow you to charge your phones without having to get too creative.

17. Pillow – I didn’t initially pack my pillow, but I asked my parents to bring it when they came to visit. I felt much more comfortable and was able to get a nap in with my pillow. The ones the hospital provided were small and would deflate when I laid on them.

18. Photo-Props – So many ladies these days want a social media photo to use for their announcement, etc. I’ve seen some cute ideas, but we weren’t as prepared a month early. I did have a swaddle that Brooke was wrapped in, but that is it. Ideas I’ve seen are:

  • Birthday themed – Cupcake, confetti, birthday hat
  • Message board
  • Chalk board name
  • Blanket/swaddle with baby’s name

19. Spouse Clothes + Toiletries – Alright, go ahead and throw in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for your spouse. A spare tooth brush is a nice gesture too. I knew my husband wouldn’t have packed a bag and I knew better than to wait until I was in full labor for him to throw his things together. Remember to grab a plain t-shirt in case you get photos together.

I faintly remember my time in the hospital and I think that is because we were there less than 48 hours and I believe I was awake for most of those hours. Ha! Seriously. I couldn’t rest. Let me warn you ahead of time that between nurses coming in to get your vitals, blood work, having to pee, drinking water, nursing, and just admiring the new sleeping baby you have waited so long to meet, sleep is the last thing on your mind. We only had my parents and a friend stop by to visit us and I’m thankful for that. I highly suggest texting your friends and family a photo and let them know when is a good time to stop by after you get home. Good luck mama! You are going to do great.

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