Product Review – Hatch Baby Grow

Hey mamas! So, you must be asking, is the “Hatch Baby Grow” worth the cha-ching?? On Amazon, it is about $150. Well, take a look at my honest review. I am not paid for this review. I actually purchased it off of FB Marketplace used, but wasn’t sure as a first time mom if it was really necessary.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

First, Download the Hatch Baby App. If you don’t end up purchasing this product, you can still take advantage of the free mobile app. It is AH-mazing! You can track feedings, pumping, weight, sleep, diaper changes, it offers a daily tip which is aligned with the age of your little one and you can add a daily photo of your growing human! There is a “stopwatch” function within the sleeping and nursing sections, so you can event time how long baby sleeps or how long he/she nurses. It also reminds me if I nursed on the left or right side last, which is helpful!

  • Pros:
    • Sturdy, sleek design
    • Easy to wipe down and clean
    • Zero-out feature allows for accurate weight calculations
      • It re-calibrates each time so you can ensure the weight is accurate.
    • Multiple Functions
      • You thought this was just a scale? Well, in my house it is not only a baby scale and changing pad, but also occasionally it is a scale for my outgoing mail that I need to calculate shipping on. Score! I love it when I can get multiple functions out of something.
  • Cons:
    • Scale doesn’t have an on/off switch
      • This is the main negative and reason for my 4 star rating. The scale has a panel on the bottom which takes 3 AA batteries. You screw the panel on and off and with a teeny tiny Phillips head screwdriver. If you put anything on the scale when it’s not in use, I assume it still “turns on” and kills the batteries. I’ve gone through several batteries because it “dies” so quickly.
    • Weight display is only on the app
      • I like the mobile app, but it is a shame that the weight doesn’t show on a small LCD screen on the side or something.

Overall, I am glad I have this scale. My little girl was born 4 weeks early and every ounce counted during those early weeks. When nursing, you cannot physically see how much your baby is eating, which can cause you to question your body. The app allows you to track diapers and the scale proves that your baby is gaining weight. Especially, since we only went to the pediatricians office at 2 weeks, 2 months and then not again until 6 months, it has been nice to know that she is still gaining weight consistently. My recommendation is to either find this used or put it on your baby registry. It is definitely not a “must have”, but for a new mama, it put my mind at ease.

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